Permanently Impermanent / Runtime 00:26:00
A poetic meditation on the impermanence of nature and the city. Shot over 6 months during a global pandemic, we are taken on a journey through London, witnessing the battle between nature and the developing city, accompanied by a construction worker, a Buddhist monk and a man in the woods.

Pretty Rubbish / Runtime 00:01:00
A short poem written from the point of view of a piece of rubbish. Written, shot, edited, scored and performed by Finn Murphy.

London Man / Runtime 00:01:35
A poem written by Finn Murphy and Emma Cheung for London Chronic - A zine dedicated to loving and hating the city. Performed by Finn Murphy with music by Micheal Hanley.

Corners / Runtime 00:06:21
A Bmx/Scooter video filmed over a four day trip to in Milton Keynes. Shot by Finn Murphy + Sam Pearson, edited by Finn Murphy.

Two Days Two Boys
Two boys, two scooters, two days.

Life Is Great / Runtime 00:08:14
A short film telling the story of my mum and her family's emigration to South Africa during the early 70's. All the super8 footage was shot by my grandad.
04/2020 / Runtime 00:02:35
A skittish recollection of thoughts during the first few weeks of lockdown
The Stall / Runtime 00:08:10
An observational piece following Josh and Kane on their adventures to buy and sell old electronic equipment. Shot in Autumn/Winter 19.
Big up Josh and Kane, Enjoy.